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Franklin County Sugar Co.

As a child, this was my favorite landmark to drive by on the way to my grandparents in Soda Springs. It is located outside of Preston, ID, and I never knew until two years ago what it was used for or how long it had been abandoned. It has been the structure I have looked forward the most to make. I took these pictures almost two years ago, and found some others online, but have been unable to find any historical pictures of it.

And the result:

Engine House

This was an important structure in Cache Junction and was the prominent building in the 'wye'. It was very difficult to find useful pictures of it, but I was able to find these two:

Also, I was able to get a better idea of the shape from satellite pictures of the foundation that is still in the ground:

Again, I was able to come up with some decent plans to build it:

And, voila:

Depot Platform

As can be seen in the previous posts, the Beanery and the depot were positioned in the middle of the tracks surrounded by an orange brick platform. The exception was behind and to the north side of the depot, which was wood planks. I took measurements on my layout and drew up plans with my CAD program to design the platform:

After getting it back from the laser cutter I painted and weathered it with the following results: